This woman 😍… she’s goals right??

This woman 😍 she’s goals… right?

Except, in the end, that beautiful face, that amazing body, that mega salary, well, they weren’t what were important were they?

How many of us are guilty of thinking we’d be happier if only we were prettier, thinner, had more money…?

I know I am so guilty of this. There is so much pressure on women (on everyone actually, but especially women) to be everything

We’re expected to work like we don’t have children. To raise children like we don’t work. To look great. To socialise. To cook. To keep a nice house. To excel in our careers. To show the world that women can do and be anything and everything we want

I have been telling myself for years that if I was a few sizes smaller I would be so much happier – and that’s led to literally hundreds of fad diets, of near starvation for a few weeks at a time, followed by massive binges because it’s just not sustainable

And then something like this happens, and it makes you realise, if being fat is the worst thing I have to worry about, well, I’m not doing so bad in life am I?!

As Caroline said, in a world where we can be anything, we should be kind. I think we forget that we should include ourselves in that!!!

This afternoon, I did something I almost never do, I pressed play on my workout IN THE  AFTERNOON. Not in the hope that I’ll be skinny by next week, not to cancel out my delicious breakfast, but to be kind to myself. To make time for me

I don’t need to be thin immediately. If I only lost half a pound a week for the next 2 years, you know what, in 2 years I’d still be 52lb lighter. The longer I have Isla in my life the more I’m realising those numbers on the scales just aren’t important. What is important is that she has a healthy, happy mummy who has the energy to play and look after her

Ironically, I think removing the pressure of things like this, taking the urgency to be everything NOW, makes it all so much more attainable

I know this is a weird connection – my brain works in mysterious ways 🤣🤣🤣

What I’m actually trying to say, is we all need to stop being so hard on ourselves. The things that we THINK people think about us are none of our business, and – more importantly – very rarely accurate. If Caroline could have seen past her ideas of what she thought the world thought about her, perhaps she would have taken some comfort in realising just how adored by an entire nation she was


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