Pavlik Harness… Completed it mate

272A14C0-6387-457C-BFC5-75B782F9872D Last week we had some amazing news ♥️

After 14 weeks of being in a pavlik harness Isla has finally been told she no longer has to wear it 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

I’m so happy for her!!

When it first went on, the 16 week treatment programme that was described to us sounded like a lifetime – I guess because it WAS almost double her lifetime at the point it was put on!

I can still remember how devastated I was when we were told she’d have to wear it. I sobbed my heart out all day that day. And it took a good week to get used to how to hold her, feed her and comfort her with this new, strange contraption on. But after that, honestly, it’s gone so fast!!

Thankfully, the harness doesn’t seem to have stopped her doing anything. She’s been happily  rolling over now for a good 4 weeks, she loves being held in a standing position, and her bouncer is her favourite thing in the world! She is still the wriggliest baby I’ve ever seen… always kicking her little legs ♥️

The first night she went to bed without the harness was so funny, it was literally like she couldn’t control those little legs, she lay in her cot with a big grin on her face happily kicking them in her sleep bag (there’s a video on my Instagram… worth a look, it was super cute ♥️)

Thankfully, she adapted to not wearing them to bed after a few nights and settles down for bed easily again now.

Weirdly, I will miss the harness a bit! She always gave me the biggest smile in the mornings when I opened the straps and revealed her feet to her, one by one! I’m trying to continue this with her sleep bag, and it does raise a smile, but I don’t think it feels like the same amount of freedom as taking the harness off did!

So, yeah, 14 weeks later and we’re harness free! Super proud of my little superstar ⭐️

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