Every mummy needs some mummy friends

A4B49BBF-A2AE-42FF-8411-F5089EAF148F For the first few months of me and Isla I didn’t think there was much point taking her to any baby groups. I couldn’t see what she would get out of them being so small. They seemed like a waste of money, and more hassle than it would be worth having to get us both ready and out the house to be somewhere for a specific time (surely one of the biggest challenges for most mamas?? I can get out, but give me a timescale and I’ll struggle to stick to it!)

After a few months of just me and Isla though, loneliness began to set in. I adore her, love her more than anything in the world, and being with her is my favourite place to be… however… she’s a baby. Her company isn’t always the best at times. The conversation is often somewhat lacking. And let’s face it, us mamas put much more effort in to making the relationship work than our babies do!!

So in a moment of bravery I signed up for a baby massage course and a Rhythm Time course. Both have been great, but the Rhythm Time course has saved my sanity. Not the course in itself (although it is very fun and I’d definitely recommend it!), but everyone who attends!

At the end of our first class the group host said that they would be setting up a whatsapp group and that anyone who wanted to join just had to leave their number and they’d add us. That evening I got a notification to say I’d been added. Along with every other mummy from the group.

Of course the group started off quite quiet, we introduced ourselves and our babies and made all the right noises about the course and being a mum. I think it took about 4 hours before we started to talk honestly about things.

Its really, really, REALLY f*cking difficult being a mummy to a baby at times! And yet no one expects you to say that. It almost feels like you’re failing as a mother if you admit that it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. That, actually, a lot of it is desperation, loneliness and feeling helpless! That you’re sometimes just as dumbfounded as everyone else as to why your baby is crying/is off their food/won’t sleep as everyone else is.

It seems a bit extreme to say that this group has saved my sanity… but I honestly can’t tell you how important it has been for my mental health! Having a group of people in the same situation as me, who don’t judge, who I can ask (what seem like) the stupidest of questions to, has been a breath of fresh air.

On top of that it also means I now have some adult company!! I can have a two-way conversation with someone in the day, I can talk and get a response that makes sense!!

So yes, a whatsapp group has saved my sanity! And the fact that Isla has got to meet other babies and have some fun in the meantime are just added bonuses

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