Bedruthan… Long overdue review!!!

42BF3B7A-9BD0-458B-A3E3-A806FC41033EB26B22E4-334F-44B7-8084-62CF77F0D576395D8907-2703-4EEF-B879-CFF86FC6BF9B Pre-Isla hotels were my hobby. There was nothing I loved more than finding somewhere new, exciting and luxurious to stay! Unfortunately the hotels that tick all those boxes are generally adults only! The other problem is when you’ve stayed in great hotels, getting new ones to live up to your expectations can be difficult!

When it came to planning our first family holiday I knew that I wanted to go somewhere special. We weren’t brave to venture abroad for our first one, so that meant finding somewhere that could tick all our boxes here in the UK.

Over the years we’ve been lucky enough to stay in some truly amazing places, one of our favourites being The Scarlet in Cornwall. As soon as you arrive and take in the stunning views of the beach you can’t help but immediately relax. The Scarlet holds lots of special memories for us – we got engaged there and have have spent many subsequent birthdays and anniversaries there. We were fortunate enough to build up a relationship with one of the managers – Lisa – there over the years. Me and Paul have spent a combined 30+ years working in retail and so are somewhat sticklers for customer service. No matter how beautiful the hotel is, if the service isn’t up to standard, then there’s no way we’d return. Lisa and her team have always gone above and beyond to try and deliver exceptional customer service during our stays, so when we found out she was moving on to go and work at the sister hotel, Bedruthan (right next door, but aimed at families) we were sad. And then we found out we were expecting!!!

Knowing there was someone we trusted running Bedruthan Hotel made the decision of where we’d spend our first family holiday simple.

So down to Cornwall we drove in a car so full I’m amazed it could still move! (Seriously, how much do you need to pack to go away with a little person? SO. MUCH. STUFF)

Now, because Bedruthan are aimed at families they knooooow the struggle is real packing to come away, and they are really helpful in trying to minimise this. So you can get a whole load of things other than the standard cot and highchair from the hotel to use during your stay. I’m talking sterilisers, changing matts, baby baths, prams, baby bouncers… even the smaller things like weaning cutlery and sippy cups… they have it and you can borrow it while you’re there! Which frees up a good chunk of your suitcase (which you will no doubt fill with packing 786 different outfits to cover every weather eventuality! No need to worry about poo explosions as there are laundry facilities on site)

So, review… I’ll try and stick to some main points else I’ll ramble on forever!!


Rooms – lovely actually! Modern, well equipped, and if you have a sea view (would definitely recommend getting one) then the views really are gorgeous!! If you have older children there’s the option to cordon the room off so mummy and daddy can have some privacy at bed time. We had a sea view villa which has some outside space too which we really liked

Facilities – the hotel is geared up for families and really does have everything you could want or need. There’s a kids club for older children and a soft play area, toy areas in the bar, outdoor playgrounds, 2 outdoor pools (one shallow one which is ideal for really little ones) and an indoor pool! And it’s only a short walk to the beach (the walk back isn’t so short as it’s on quite a steep hill 😂)

Location – Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with the location, Mawgan Porth is one of my favourite places, because the beach is lovely. There are stunning walks in both directions – one way leads you towards Watergate Bay (worth a visit) and the other takes you to Bedruthan Steps (also well worth a visit!). Mawgan Porth itself doesn’t have much going on in it (which I like) but if you do fancy a bit more hustle and bustle both Newquay and Padstow are only a short drive away. In fact, if you didn’t fancy driving you could get a flight to Newquay airport which is only about 10mins away from the hotel! The only downside to the location in my opinion is I can see The Scarlet from there… which makes me just a teensy bit jealous of all those staying there 😂

Food – ok, so if there’s not much around, and you have little people in tow, you’re going to want good food at the hotel right? Well, you’re in luck!! I thought this would be the biggest difference between The Scarlet and Bedruthan, however I was really pleasantly surprised! The food was incredible! Like, really, really good!! There are two restaurants – The Wild Cafe (a more casual option which you can take the kiddies in at any time) and The Herring (for more of a fine dining experience (last seating in here if you’re taking the little ones in is 18:30). Both were amazing, and both were included in the dinner, bed and breakfast rate.

Option to pretend you’re child free – we didn’t take advantage of this, however, should you want just a little peace and quiet you could definitely get that here too! There is an adults only spa onsite orrrrrr you can use the facilities at The Scarlet next door (DEFINITELY DO THAT!!!) There’s also a sensory spa garden on site which looks amazing. There are child free zones in the hotel for if you’re not travelling with children, and the wild café (where breakfast is served) is spread over different areas which the team *seem* to separate families and child free peeps (might not be the case, but we always seemed to end up in the manic middle bit for breakfast whereas the areas to the sides seemed much more serene without little maniacs running about 😂). There’s a babysitting service available, or you can use the listening service (reception can listen in on your room and notify you in the restaurant if your little one starts crying)

So…. would we go back?? 100%! We had a great time. If anything I think Isla was probably a little young to really take advantage of everything on offer (she was only 4.5 months old when went) so for us the experience will only get better as she gets a bit older! I think the break was as stress free as it could be, we still got the same amazing view that we’d have got from The Scarlet and the good didn’t disappoint at all!! I can’t wait to go back ♥️



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