Baby and Infant Loss Awareness

C507B1D5-F9BE-4C96-9AB7-5C3C3F3A9EEA Two days late to the blog… but better late than never

1 in 4 women will experience the heartache of losing a baby.

On days like today I am amazed that this figure is accurate – it seems like there are so many more of us who have been through this than 1 in 4.
So, today, I remember not only what could have been for us, but also just how incredibly blessed we are to have our little rainbow baby. I realise not everyone is so lucky.

And I think we should also spare a thought for all those who may not have had a loss in the traditional sense, but who may be desperately trying to conceive and it’s just not happened for them. I do think that there should be better education around conception and pregnancy – as it’s so easy to feel like you’ve “failed” at something that is considered one of the most basic and natural processes, when the reality is there are so many people going through the same struggles, just not necessarily talking about it!

It shouldn’t be taboo to grieve a loss. There should be no shame attached to something which is already devastating. No woman (or man) should ever feel like a failure because of something out of their control.

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