25 weeks

19EC7AD0-4759-460B-9FE8-781503CB8E70.jpeg 25 weeks.

That’s how long it’s taken me to finally pluck up the courage to leave Isla for any significant amount of time.

I’ve only come to the hairdressers but honestly I may as well have gone to the moon!! I know I’m later than most doing this. I’ve told myself every week that “this is the week you need to do it” but I’ve just not been able to. I don’t know why 🤷🏻‍♀️

I guess I felt ready about a month ago to do this… unfortunately, right about the same time, Isla decided that she didn’t want to be apart from me (I do wonder if they know more than we realise at times!)

So literally the day after I’d asked my mum and dad to babysit, Isla decided she couldn’t even look at my dad without crying, couldn’t be held by anyone other than me or her daddy for longer than 2minutes, and couldn’t be put down (other than to go in her bouncer) for longer than 5minutes. It’s been a challenging few weeks to say the least!!

Isla has definitely discovered the power of tantrums now, and honestly, I’m finding it incredibly difficult to navigate through this stage. Whilst I absolutely don’t want her to think that having a tantrum will get her what she wants, I also can’t beat the thought of leaving her to scream and not comforting her. Luckily, she is clever enough to realise that being a little madam all the time could result in her being put in the wheely bin… so she adds in just enough moments of loveliness to keep me in complete adoration of her!

The great thing about motherhood is it’s full of surprises… the best one being that every time you think you’ve nearly cracked it, your little one will up their game to remind you that you most definitely have not!!

I’ve postponed this hair appointment every week for the last 4 weeks… originally my plan was to bring her with me, that plan lasted about a week when I realised there was NO WAY she would sit quietly for 3 hours, and not on my lap. So then the appointment was changed to just a cut… then the separation tantrums kicked in and so we postponed again… then we both got a nasty cold… and now here we are! Sitting in the hairdressers, baby free, feeling like my right arm has been chopped off! I suppose when you think about it it’s been 61 weeks that we’ve been together… 36weeks safe in my tummy, and 25weeks in the big wide world together, figuring each other out (I think she has me sussed better than I have her 😂😂😂)


Anyway, if you follow this blog I’m sorry I’ve been shit at updating it! I’m guessing if you do follow then you’re a mama too so hopefully you’ll understand!

Naturally I’ll be using my baby free few hours to blog about my baby of course 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

Now I just need to engage my baby brain to try and remember everything that’s happened over the last few weeks. Easier said than done!!!

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