Motherhood is…

4B8F6251-F975-40F8-A158-0758C98F15FDMotherhood is waking up hangover free (but more exhausted than you ever were after a night partying) on a Sunday morning

Motherhood is putting little one on the bed next to you so you can have just 20 more minutes sleep… then spending that time staring at their gorgeous little face in wonderment

Motherhood is never going to the toilet or showering without a tiny spectator in tow

Motherhood is wondering how you were ever late for anything pre-baby (seriously, what did you do with all that free time???)

Motherhood is finally sitting down to eat your “breakfast” at 6pm, one handed, whilst jiggling  a little person up and down on your knee. Then politely smiling and nodding at your partner (and resisting the urge to stab him with your fork) who comes home and tells you he’s been so busy at work he didn’t manage to eat lunch til 3pm (presumably he had both hands free to eat it with)

Motherhood is muttering “for fucks sake” under your breath 752 times a day – the exact amount of times you have to re-think your plans due to naps/nappy accidents/feeds/screaming fits

Motherhood is telling yourself you really need to start finding time to exercise, then realising that somedays it can be 5pm and you’ve not even found time to brush your teeth yet

Motherhood is losing your identity, then slowly rebuilding it piece by piece

Motherhood is wishing there was a way to transfer pain so your little one never has to feel it

Motherhood is never sleeping deep enough to miss the tiniest wimpier in the night

Motherhood is being sick/weed/pooped on and not batting an eyelid

Motherhood is feeling like you’re failing as a friend by forever having a little person in tow, but not being ready to leave them just yet

Motherhood is wondering how you’re supposed to be a good wife, when being a mother takes up all of your time

Motherhood is knowing the signs and symptoms of every possible ailment your baby could possibly have… and the google history to prove it

Motherhood is rewinding the same episode of a series 17 times because you keep missing what’s happened, then putting it on to watch in bed and promptly passing out

Motherhood is wondering how you will get through another screaming fit when your nerves are already frayed, then kissing your little one’s tears away and telling them how much you love them and it will all be ok when it inevitably happens

Motherhood is sitting in silence 30mins after you’ve turned the engine off in the car so you don’t disturb your little one’s nap

Motherhood pairing leggings or tights with all your summer dresses so your baby can have a new winter wardrobe

Motherhood is looking longingly at those creamfields tickets/adults only hotels/holidays online then navigating back to to spend the money on a new car seat instead

Motherhood is desperately wanting someone to help with little one, then having to restrain yourself from taking over when they do

Motherhood is wondering if you will ever have the concentration or desire to be successful in your career again

Motherhood is alternating between being excited about all the things that are still to come and feeling sad that the time has already passed so quickly

Motherhood is the most heart achingly difficult thing I have ever done

Motherhood is the most beautiful and amazing thing I have ever done

3 thoughts on “Motherhood is…

  1. Agree with so many of theses, especially the tv show! Sometimes it takes me 2 days to finish an episode.


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