Hormones… sneaky feckers!!!

This morning I got up, procrastinated for far too long over whether I should do my exercises… eventually decided to do them… had a shower, was washing my hair (feeling pretty proud of my achievements so far 🤣) and then noticed that I appear to have morphed in to a giant moulting Labrador. Like, seriously, WTF!!!

Just incase the –

*Stretch marks

*Raging hormones

*Destroyed vagina/sliced open core

*Pittance that is maternity pay

*Postpartum body (which feels completely disconnected to you)

*Mom guilt about returning to work/not returning to work

– aren’t enough, someone obviously thought us women needed a bit more to deal with… cue the postpartum hairloss!

Isla is 19weeks old. I thought I’d got away with this shit!!

I’m telling you if this chunk of hair doesn’t weigh a stone I’m not going to be a happy bunny!!!!


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