Good news!!!


We had Isla’s check up for her hips today… and we’ve been told she can go to 4 hours out of her harness every day now!! Even better is that we’ve only got to do this for 2 weeks and then we can go to nighttime only wear 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I am so, so proud of her, she’s done so well in it (I know she doesn’t actually have to do anything but still 🤣)

As happy as I am that we’ll hopefully be saying goodbye to her harness very soon, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about it too! We can have the 4 hours out however we want – so can do 1 block of 4 hours, or split it in to 2 x 2 hour blocks or 4 x 1 hour blocks, etc, by the time I got back from the hospital today the only option left was one long stretch… and it ended in tears!! I think she gets so excited about being out that she feels like she has to kick her little legs as fast as she can – ok for an hour, but after 3 hours of it she was exhausted! Tried to get her to nap, but it’s literally like she can’t control those little legs 😂😂😂 ended up putting the harness back on half hour early as she was very grumpy and overtired. I’m sure she’ll adapt to it fairly quickly (I hope so anyway!!)

What I really, really hope though is that she continues to love wriggling! And that I never, EVER take it for granted how lovely it is to watch her do it! The hour out of her harness is by far my favourite part of every day (maybe paired with waking up and seeing her lovely smiles – god knows where she got her morning person attitude from cos it definitely isn’t from me or daddy!!). I don’t ever want to forget how special it is, or lose any of the joy I get from watching her! At the moment it’s an hour filled with so many smiles, giggles and more recently happy tears (goddamn hormones are wreaking havoc at the moment!!)

I can’t upload videos to here (you have to pay extra to do that – my pittance of SMP doesn’t stretch to that 😂) but if you go on my Instagram ( my account name is firsttimemumming… orrrr this link might work! ) you’ll see just how happy she is wriggling! It’s literally the best thing ever ♥️♥️♥️

That being said – I am SO EXCITED that we’ll finally be able to take her swimming now!!! Eeeeeeeek!!! Fun times ahead 🥰

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