Billy no mates no more!!


Isla is not the only one who’s been a brave girl this week!!!

I think there are very few people who know me who would describe me as shy – I work in HR so talking to people is a big part of what I do, HOWEVER, I do really struggle with my confidence at times, and I’ll be honest, it’s at an all time low after having Isla.

I have a weird fixation on whether people will judge me by how I look, so when I’m not feeling great in my body I have a horrible habit of not really going out much. Logically, I know it’s ridiculous and I know that no one other than me really gives a shit about how flabby my tummy is, but I just can’t shake it off. (I was like this pre-Isla – I put my midwife appointment off for as long as I could in the hope that I’d lose a few pounds before having to step on the scales!! My postpartum body is just making it worse!)

Up until this week I hadn’t booked or taken Isla to a single baby class (she’s 18 weeks old this week!). In a moment of braveness I have booked up our September!! We’ll be going to baby massage on Tuesdays and Rhythm Time classes on Thursdays. Even braver still – I saw a post on our community Facebook group for the local mums to meet up and have lunch… and… I went!!! All the other mums already knew each other, in fact, they’d just all been to a baby class together, so it was extra nerve wracking being the new girl, but I didn’t die, Isla got to meet some other babies for the first time and – dare I say it – I had a lovely afternoon!

I didn’t catch anyone looking at me in disgust once 🤣 everyone was really lovely! And today we’ve had an invite for Isla to a first birthday party pushed through the door from one of the babies ♥️♥️♥️ Too cute!!!

I may just dodge becoming a hermit yet 🙌🏼

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