Out of the frying pan and in to the fire 🔥

Ah mannnnn… just when you think you’ve nearly cracked this parenting malarkey something new comes along to put you back in your place.

My little superstar has been sleeping through the night (and I’m talking a good 8-10 hours!) for a few weeks now, she’s smiling more and has almost mastered a giggle. We’ve had great news about her splints… life couldn’t be better right?!

Then… BAM. Screaming fits. Boy oh boy can she scream!!! Definitely got a good set on lungs on her. They started last week and were originally just for an hour every evening. Now we seem to be getting them through the day as well. I’m talking ear-piercing, gut wrenching, the neighbours will think I’m murdering her screaming fits.

I THINK she might be teething 😩 but I’ve also realised I have absolutely no nap routine in place for her (minus mummy points for that one!)

Only thing that soothes her screaming is sticking her in her car seat and driving round for a bit, then she just goes to sleep!

So today we are on trial structured naps. Currently sitting in a dark room next to Isla in her cot who seems to think it’s hilarious that she might nap when I want her to rather than in the middle of a feed. Or her favourite, after she’s screamed the place down and we give in to putting her in the car.

I’m just reminding myself that I am the grown up here. She will not win. Yes those gummy little smiles are irresistible… ah man… must. not. pick. her. up.

And it looks like it’s working… her little eyelids are getting heavy 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

This might just preserve my sanity later!

Check out the death stare she gave me in the car 😂😂😂 like “bitch don’t even think about stopping this car until I’m asleep”

I hope to God she is teething. Because if not there’s no other explanation than she’s just being a little shit. And that judgement is fair by the way… I took her to the drs because I was so worried she was in pain because the screaming fits were so bad… went a bit like this:

Dr: “Are you ok? Your mummy said you’ve been poorly”

Isla: *big giggle*

Dr: Did you trick your mummy?

Isla: *BIG smile*

Dr: I’ve checked her over, nothing at all wrong with her, in fact she seems really happy

Mummy: 🙄

The joys…


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