Some things are just harder to find time for 🤷🏻‍♀️

Finding time to exercise has always been a challenge for me. Mainly because I hate it! I went through a stage early last year where I did a really good job of making an effort with it, but that was because I blew a chunk of my redundancy pay on a gym membership and I had nothing else to do! I’d go for long leisurely swims and then just chill out round the pool applying for jobs on my phone! I even went on the treadmill occasionally!

Anyway, all that stopped when I sprouted a humongous bump very early on (might just have been that I lost the ability to breathe in to be fair, who knows 😂).

Finding time to exercise with a baby is a whole other level. Weirdly I didn’t struggle as much to find the time to watch Love Island for an hour every night (guilty pleasure… don’t judge me) I don’t struggle so much to find time to go out for a meal (don’t get me wrong it’s a challenge, but I manage!!) or to have a few glasses of wine on a Sunday with my mum. Exercise with a baby though… well that’s a challenge because I DON’T WANT TO DO IT!!!

I’ve cocooned myself in the comfort of “it takes 9months to go on, you can expect it to take at least that amount of time to come back off” I did start trying to do bits a few weeks ago and then let it fade out again as life got in the way. However, after a few recent prompts (how bad is it that being asked when my baby is due was a bigger kick up the bum than my dad having a heart attack 😳) I figured I really should make the time to do the horrible thing that will keep me alive and semi healthy!

So today I dragged the play gym in to the garage, stuck Isla on it and started over with couch to 5k… AGAIN!!! Did I die? Well, nearly… if the jogging doesn’t do it I’m pretty sure my boobs will… Jesus, jogging with milk boobs is an experience!!! Do I feel better for it afterwards?? Also no… I’m like a giant sweaty tomato. Isla doesn’t look too impressed with mummy’s new smell either! But I did it!!! So yay me! Now I just need to find some more time to shower…

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