The sentence no one wants to hear…

I’ve been expecting it for a while… and have been surprised that it’s not happened sooner. Ironically… (oh how I love irony!!!) when I got on the scales this morning I was happy to see that I am back down to my first pregnancy weigh in weight. Naturally I did what everyone does when you know you’ve lost/gained weight (I’m more familiar with the gained 😂) and went to inspect myself in the mirror. Still a looooooooong way off where I want to be, but admitted to myself that actually, yes, my humongous mummy tummy did actually look a little smaller. So I got dressed and went about my day.

Fast forward to 2 hours later, I nipped in to Tesco Express to get some bottles of formula (Think the stress of last week has hit my milk supply!), I left Isla in the car as she was fast asleep. When I ran back out the store there were two young lads trying to raise money for charity. They smiled at me, I smiled back… and that’s when it happened. One of them, opened his mouth and said….

”Excuse me, can I ask when you’re due”

Fucks sake. So yeah, that pissed on my parade.

I guess he thought that would be a good conversation starter and that I’d make a donation. Turns out it wasn’t.

I guess at least I have actually had a baby. The fact that she’s nearly 4 months old probably makes it less ok though 🤦🏻‍♀️ Need to up my diet and exercise game pronto. Or just get pregnant again 😂🤷🏻‍♀️FA2892A4-B1DF-4A3C-AB2F-88B5F4FAA51B

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