Qualified Mama!

Completely un-baby related but I have finally finished my CIPD and am now officially qualified in HR!!

I signed up for this when I was made redundant last year thinking it would be a great use of a chunk of my redundancy pay… I’ll be honest, I’ve resented that decision ever since! Nothing makes writing 5000 word assignments more depressing than knowing you’ve forked out £4,000 to put yourself through this hell!!!

I missed one of my assignments in August last year when I had a miscarriage, so had to take that module again in June this year and wait for the results. But they are finally in, and I passed… woohoo!! 

As proud as I am for completing it, I have told all my friends and family that if they EVER hear me contemplating taking the next level in the qualification they should punch me in the face immediately to knock some sense in to me 😂BC7E786B-EB90-4BC4-9D1B-EABAC9271094

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