My little superstar 🌟

We had some fantastic news at Isla’s 4week hospital check up for her hips – she’s doing so well that we’ve been allowed to start weaning her out of her splint early! We were originally told that she would have to wear them constantly for 6 weeks and then of things were going ok we could start taking them off for an hour a day, she’s had them on for 4weeks (well, 5 now!) and they’re so happy with the progress that we’ve started doing this already!

She loves her wriggle hour so much!!! And I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see her kicking those chunky little legs ♥️ And I can bath her again, and cuddles without the splint are just the best ♥️

Also means we have fortnightly appointments now at the hospital instead of every week! Next scan is in 3 weeks, hopefully at that one we’ll be told we can take her out for 4 hours a day! It shouldn’t be long before we’re able to go to nigh time only and then have them off completely!

I’m so proud of my little lady for how well she’s done with them!A9E0A8D9-8777-4081-8206-69E44E74599F

One thought on “My little superstar 🌟

  1. Such a lovely feeling when they start weaning out of the harness! I remember thinking how quick the time had gone with my daughter! Much love, Em and Amber x

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