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Hey! Not sure if anyone is still checking in on this page, if you are – thanks! You’re awesome!! I’ve had a busy few weeks, and I’ll put lots of updates on here now – who knew binge blogging was a thing!

Soooo… what’s new in my little world? My dad had a heart attack last week! Completely out of the blue! We go over and stay with my mum and dad every Sunday, my mum cooks us dinner and in exchange they get lots of baby cuddles (and the occasional bottle of wine and beers 😉) Monday morning my dad had some cuddles with Isla while I got ready to take her to her hospital appointment, everything was normal. Monday afternoon I get a call from my mum to let me know that my dad is being blue lighted to hospital as he’s having a heart attack.
My dad is literally the last person in the world that I’d have expected that to have happened to. He’s in really good shape, eats well, walks 5mile a day with the dog, and is so laid back he’s horizontal. So it’s been a huge shock to all of us.
He was fitted with a stent straight away and has to go back to have another fitted in a few weeks. Thankfully he got to hospital in time for there to be minimum damage and he was back home with us on Wednesday evening.
The silver lining of it all I guess was that we got to spend lots of time together as a family last week. Me and Isla moved in and were on parent/grandparent sitting duties and my brother (who lives in London so we don’t get to see him much) also came up to stay.
I love this pic of my dad, brother, Isla and Poppy (the dog!) chilling on the sofa together ♥️♥️♥️

2 thoughts on “Family ♥️

  1. I’m still here and love reading your blog! So sorry to hear about your dad but glad he is doing well. Similar happened to my grandad a couple of years ago and was scary but could have been so much worse! Much love, Em and Amber x

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