World Breastfeeding Week

Happy World Breastfeeding week!
When I was pregnant I had no doubts that I wanted to breastfeed. I thought the biggest challenge would be sore nipples. Oh how wrong I was!!! Despite trying very, very hard, Isla just wouldn’t take to my breast. She got so upset she’d scream until she was exhausted and then go to sleep instead of feeding. I felt like a failure. Which wasn’t helped by the hospital teams coming round and making me keep trying, despite the fact that Isla was clearly getting distressed by the whole thing. It was a difficult decision to stop trying to breastfeed as such and move to solely expressing.
14 weeks later and we’re still going strong with the expressing. I’d lie if I said it hasn’t been incredibly difficult and challenging at times – the sore nipples, the leaking breasts, the occasional drop in milk supply, the constant need to express and the fact that you basically have to give up a part of your body. Breastfeeding may be the “natural” option, but it certainly isn’t the easiest and doesn’t feel like the option that comes naturally to some mamas and babies (Isla took to a bottle no problem, my nipples, not so much!)
So I have massive respect to anyone who has breastfed, whether you did it for one day or one year, whether it’s straight from the breast or you express, it’s amazing that our bodies have the ability to produce the food we need to nourish our most precious gifts. And to everyone who gave it a go and had to make the call that it’s not for you – kudos to you too, I know how hard that decision must have been, especially if you had your heart set on it! ♥️38838728-9B3B-444B-A6E2-AE6B51B31B78

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