Cry, Eat, Sleep, Repeat


This pic just sums up my day. This is how grumpy my daughter was when she was ASLEEP!! So you can imagine how joyful she’s been while she was awake!

She was an absolute ANGEL last night – went from 23:30 until 7:10… clearly she feels like she needs to compensate for that today.

She’s started dribbling loads and putting her fists in her mouth. I’m praying she’s not cutting teeth just yet… I don’t think I can cope with that, feel like I need to mentally prepare myself for it and trust me I’m not there yet!

When she’s not been exercising her lungs today she’s been eating or sleeping so not expecting much sleep tonight 😩

Luckily the extra sleep has helped me maintain my sanity today else the little mardy bum would have really stressed me out… bless her!

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