Just stick a bell on me and call me Daisy!!!


Figured out that I’m expressing nearly 8litres of milk a week!!! (Not as impressive as it looks – I’m exclusively expressing, my little madam is too greedy and lazy to eat from my boobs… wonder who she gets that from 😂🐽🤷🏻‍♀️)

Anywayyyyy… I read before that you use 20 calories to produce and pump 1oz of breast milk. So by this calculation I SHOULD be burning an extra 750ish calories A DAY… over 5000 extra calories a week!!
So I’m struggling to understand why I’m not a size 10. FML.

On top of the fact that my nipples and boobs seem to have tripled in size, they also hurt, a lot, need emptying ALL THE TIME, they leak all over my clothes and I miss them. Like no one tells you how much you’re gonna miss having your boobs to yourself when you breastfeed!

As I’ve said before, my body definitely isn’t the best – my boobs were my best feature 😂 and now they’re just milk machines 🤷🏻‍♀️ If I hadn’t spent soooo much money on breast pumps I think I’d probably be quitting the expressing to be honest, I can’t see me doing it for much longer after we start weaning Isla.

Absolutely no point to this post, other than to confirm that I am now basically a cow in every sense of the word 🐮

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