Got a bit carried away!!

It was my birthday yesterday, and hubby got me a fitbit (I said I wanted one… he’s not THAT brave/stupid)
So today, armed with my Fitbit and Fitbit coach app I did the 7minute workout. Not brave enough to attempt the longer ones yet incase little one starts screaming and then I have an excuse for life to never attempt them again!
Anyway, while I was doing the workout she fell asleep… soooooo… I found an extra workout to do on YouTube! Done a few Lucy Wyndham-Read ones before so thought I’d go with one of them.
Now sweating like an absolute beast, and already regretting it knowing how much I’m gonna hurt tomorrow!
Of course, little one is now wide awake and wants feeding (child has hollow legs, all she does is eat!) so gonna have to sit in my sweaty festering mess for a little while longer 😥
Things I’ve learnt today –
1) I AM as unfit as I suspected
2) Pretty sure they removed my core muscles when they did my c section
3) I’m definitely NOT ready to attempt any form of public exercising
4) I’m really pissed off breastfeeding hasn’t lived up to it’s hype of making me thin – seriously, what is with this diet and exercise bullshit 😂
5) My new boobs and jumping jacks don’t mix well 😰😰😰

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