Poops… I did it again!

Well… we managed a whole 6 days in the splint without any major disasters! Then yesterday there was a poo explosion 🤦🏻‍♀️ All up her back, splint covered in poo!! And then this morning she’s done her party trick of weeing when I take her nappy off so it’s got soaked 😢 Wiped it down and dried it as best as I can, and literally covered her in talc. Don’t really know what else I can do without removing it which isn’t allowed! I will have to beg for a new one when we take her for a bath on Wednesday and hope they give us one. If not I’m going to buy my own – can’t have her covered in poo!!! Not that Isla is bothered by it at all – cheeky little monkey thinks all toilet related accidents are hilarious!!!

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