Wedding ready ♥️

So, I got over my sulk, got dressed up (well, as dressed up as you can be in a dress purchased from a garden centre) and we went to the wedding! Only the evening do, but I’m proud we managed that! My little milk monster is feeding constantly in the evenings at the moment so there were some inevitable impatient cries waiting for slow coach mummy to fetch the milk (honestly have the most impatient little madam when it comes to milk!) Other than that it went pretty smoothly (getting ready to leave the house to go to the wedding on the other hand is a completely different story!!). Only drama we had for the evening was the moment my auntie went to pass her back to me and then realised her little Velcro splints we’re attached to my aunties silk dress 😳 luckily it’s frowned upon to hold a grudge against babies 😂

Picture with is with her proud daddy while she was waiting for milk! ♥️


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