How long after having a baby is it acceptable to buy maternity wear for… asking for a friend 🤔

Ok, so for anyone who knows me you will know I most definitely do not have a good relationship with my body!! When I got pregnant I told myself I’d be kinder to it and show it the respect it deserves for giving me my little miracle. I didn’t do that… I could make a million excuses for why, but the top and tail of it is I just didn’t try hard enough. I was very inactive throughout my pregnancy and ate shit!

I knew I wasn’t going to snap back in to shape immediately after birth (I mean, me snapping back into shape would be a bloody miracle being as I haven’t been in any shape other than round for about 15years!!) but I wasn’t expecting to feel quite so awful about my postpartum body as I do.

I’m 10.5weeks pp and look about 6months pregnant still. I put 32lb on while I was pregnant, I lost 24lb of it within the first few weeks (might have been water, might be breastfeeding, who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️) but that last 8lb looks like about 2stone… and it’s all on my tummy! Doesn’t help that I had a few stone I wanted to shift before I got pregnant anyway.

So despite me telling myself that I wasn’t going to fixate on this, here I am feeling really shitty about life, all my clothes look awful, my boobs are ginormous and my tummy is a car crash!! I desperately need to lather stretch mark cream on it… I simply can’t bring myself to look at it for long enough though!

So in true Becki fashion, what I’ve done about this is comfort eat and feel generally sorry for myself. I’ve made excuses as to why I can’t do anything about it (c-section recovery, I struggle to get showered and dressed, getting out the house is impossible, I don’t have time to cook… blah, blah, blah!) Anyway, in my height of feeling sorry for myself I posted asking for advice and rather than give me the sympathy I was fishing for people did actually give me advice (damn you 😂😂😂). Things like – shower at night, go for a walk after the first morning feed, there are some great 7minute workouts on YouTube, etc…

I’m at the evening do for a family wedding tonight, and have been so close to not going because I have nothing to wear. I genuinely bought a dress from a GARDEN CENTRE yesterday and that’s what I’ll be wearing tonight… I ordered a shit load of clothes from ASOS as soon as I got home to try and balance this out, but pretty much all of them look shit (apart from one dress, which I’ll admit, is from their maternity range… 🤦🏻‍♀️)

Soooooo today I bit the bullet and tried a 7minute workout. My first workout, may I add in ohhhh… 11months? Maybe 12! I stuck Isla in her bath seat (gets bored on her playmat pretty much immediately but will sit for longer in her bath seat… go figure!) and put a 7minute workout on. Now, I didn’t die. Isla DID start crying, but after watching her mummy flail her arms and legs about, huff, puff, pant and sweat, she decided this was hilarious and that I had significantly more to cry about than she did! She even let me have a shower and wash my hair after!

So now I know I can do it I can’t really use those excuses on myself anymore. And if I buy any more dresses from garden centres my best mate has told me in no uncertain terms that she’ll disown me! So I guess I need to do a few more.

(PS even though the dress probably is intended for the more mature lady I genuinely think it’s pretty!)


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