Reunited with uncle Mitch :)

MY brother lives in London so I don’t get to see him much (I live near Crewe), but it was my dad’s birthday the other week so we all got together which was lovely. He hasn’t seen Isla since she was 2 days old so she’s changed soooo much since then! All he’s had is photo updates of her looking angelic. Think he was surprised at the burping, farting, milk monster she’s become 😂😂😂

I loved Miffy when I was little, so much so that my brother got his name after I announced to everyone that I had a little brother called Mitchell after my favourite Miffy character. OR SO WE THOUGHT!!! Turns out there’s no character called Mitchell in Miffy and my mum and dad have just let us believe this version of the story (and tell people this version of the story!!) It was only the other week that my mum corrected us (my brother is now 30!) and told us I DID announce I had a brother called Mitchell, but rather less interestingly, just after I’d heard my mum and dad talk about it as a possible name 🙄

Anyway, here’s Mitch, Isla and Miffy enjoying a snuggle ♥️


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