Poo-Nami season!!!

First off… DO NOT scroll down if you’re squeamish!!! Unless, of course, you’re about to become a parent, in which case, scroll down immediately as you need to get used to this shit (literally!!)

So my darling angel has discovered she can empty her bowels at speed with a good push and has treated us to some impressive poo explosions! The first one was all over my dress… And let me tell you, I wasn’t at home when this happened!!! Both of us were COVERED in poo! Bad week to start topping up her breast milk with formula because it also stunk!!! Hubby thought this was pretty amusing until she treated him to a tamer version of it a few days later!

She always looks so impressed with herself when she does a messy poo! And if I ask her if she thinks it’s funny she’ll give me a big gummy smile… so ladylike!

Hoping there’s no more poo explosions for a while as she’s now in a pavlik splint and they don’t change them if they get soiled 😳 messy nappies suddenly got 1000x more challenging!!!


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