Isla Mae… my beautiful girl ♥️

B371D9F5-AB49-4D69-A6C6-5A4B57D59BBAI saw a post on baby centre sharing things mummies love about their little ones. It was such a beautiful post and it really makes you realise how much their little personalities are developing already ♥️

For the record, these are just some of the reasons I adore my baby girl…

1. The fact that she’s such a trooper! She was prem and kept in hospital after birth, had to be tube fed and was poked and prodded so much, she’s also just had to have a pavlik splint put on… she’s still smiling ☺️
2. The effort she puts in to trying to poo 😂😂😂 she really puts her all in to straining (however, is prone to a tantrum if she can’t squeeze one out!!!)
3. The way she can’t quite giggle yet, but makes a funny sound instead – especially if you ask her if she thinks something is funny or her daddy makes silly faces at her
4. The way she beams at me when I tell her she’s beautiful
5. The way she wriggles across her bedside crib to be as close to me as possible
6. When she sleeps on my chest, it’s just the best feeling in the world
7. The way she rolls about with her arms and legs outstretched with a confused look on her face if I put her on her changing mat while she’s sleepy
8. The fact that her burps and trumps could rival grown men’s 😂

9. The way she munches my shoulder when I pick her up when she’s hungry

10. The way she stares at me while she’s having her bottle 😍 and moves her little hands like she’s conducting an orchestra

I could go on forever…

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