Developmental dyslapsia of the hip

So this week our beautiful baby girl had to have a pavlik splint put on – her little hip sockets haven’t developed properly and hopefully this will correct it. She’s been a brave little soldier and taken it much better than mummy (who spent all day crying about it – seriously, I’m supposed to be the adult here 😂) I feel like I’m going to miss out on so much with her for the next 6 weeks when she has to wear it constantly – I can’t even bath her myself 😢 have to take her to the hospital once a week for a bath 🛁 However, I know it needs to be done, and that actually everything will be fine! 

I can’t even begin to describe how much I’m going to miss seeing her chunky little legs while she has it on. Hopefully they see the improvements they need to after 6 weeks so we can go to just nighttime wear and do all the fun things we had planned like swimming and baby massage!

My gorgeous little Forrest Gump ♥️

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