Blog off

Sooooo I remembered this is supposed to be a blog and so far there’s just a few random lists of my weird and wonderful observations.

When I set this page up I naively thought I’d have loads of time to update it with my (mis )adventures of mum life… turns out I don’t even have time to shower most days 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

The past few weeks have been manic for many reasons, weeks 6 and 7 I had a very grouchy little lady, week 8 she had her jabs and got even grouchier, then week 9 my lovely baby returned!

However, just before she turned 10 weeks we were told she had to have a pavlik splint put on because her hip sockets haven’t developed properly 😢. Anyway, the drama seems to have subsided for now so I’ll have a crack at updating this blog as was intended! (Although I’m not sure there’s actually anyone other than me reading it but hey ho… keeps me sane!)

2 thoughts on “Blog off

  1. I love it! Sorry to hear about the hip issue. My wee one has been referred to get hips checked. Poor wee things X


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