So after nearly 6 weeks I finally felt well enough to leave the house by myself (well, obviously not by myself, with Isla! But without the help from hubby!). After a decent nights sleep (haha, I say decent, I reckon about 5 hours!) I decided that today we would go for a little walk! And we did!!! Yay! Walked 1 mile, so really nothing too spectacular but I feel sooooo much better! Had a serious case of cabin fever going on. Now I know I can do it I’ll try a longer walk next time, although I’ll be honest the whole time I was outside I was worried is she too hot, is she too cold, will she get sunburn, what if she cries… gotta work on being less of a worrier!! She slept the whole time we were out, and think the fresh air did me the world of good too! Even managed an afternoon power nap when we got back!

Today was a good day 🙂

One thought on “Freeeeeeedommmm!!!

  1. I had that the other day! When i got home i felt so strong and like i had won in motherhood:) next time i did it, she cried mostly so i ended up holding her and pushing an empty buggy. I kept telling myself this is one off, dont stress over and over again. The following day she was sound asleep again like nothing had happened:) these babies keep us on our toes!!


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